Welcome to Willesden Reclamation

Willesden Reclamation is a proud seller of various products ranging from original Edwardian era doors and various other antiques dating as far back as the 19th century. The products available at our yard range from garden use, the home and have even been sold for use in movie sets. Don’t miss out on what our yard is most well-known for and that’s the various fireplaces we have on sale; when looking for an Edwardian fire place or even an original antique Victorian one, Willesden Reclamation is the place to look. Don’t hesitate to Call Us or visit us at our location! if there is more you wish to know than contact us through the contact form or by telephone or email.

About Us

At our yard we have reclamation experts who can help with any of your needs, whether you’re unsure of what kind of door you’re looking for or which fireplace works best for you? we can help with our expert advice. With great products ranging from 150 years ago with some of our antiques dating back further there is guaranteed to be something you’re looking for. Our establishment prides itself for its fireplace service, our fireplaces are top notch with the restoration, cleaning and even designing occurring at the yard itself. Our service doesn’t simply end at selling however, we can proudly say we also delver, and even restore fireplaces for our customers, you can simply call, email or visit to find out more about the various services we have to offer.